CREATIVE HALL Stuidio provides an excellent, bright and fully equipped studio. We offer great opportunities for your productions in a relaxed atmosphere. Our 330 m2 space is dividable into two separate studios.

Description   Rate /EU/
Photo Shoots daily for up to 10 hours 185 €
   hourly from 3 to 5 hours 30 €
   hourly for more than 5 hours 25 €
  overtime 25 €
Video Productions daily for up to 10 hours 450 €
   hourly from 3 to 5 hours 50 €
  hourly for more than 5 hours 40 €
  overtime 40 €
 Pre-light 2 to 5 hours 95 €

The studio rent includes:

  • using of the entire studio for the needs of the production:
changing room /make-up area/rolling garment racks/ steam iron and ironing board
  • using of the workspaces, clients lounge areas /indoor and outdoor/ and coffee area
  • using of posing stools and cubes heavy duty
  • using of air conditioning and high speed wi-fi
  • free parking for the entire rental period
  • for pre-light and set construction on the day before the production, clients pay half the daily rate. The studio must be vacated to 12 АМ the next day. After that, clients will be charged the hourly rate

* All prices are without VAT. Discounted prices are depending on the studio usage. We will make discount if the rental period is more than two days. In all cases, please call us to discuss your needs.

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